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4th-Aug-2011 11:42 am - MOD POST
butterflies and moon
Sorry to let this community die for so long! I'd like to bring it back if anyone is interested in helping me maintain it (mostly need someone who has time to make stamps and stamp members).
8th-Jul-2009 04:17 pm - MOD POST - Apologies
butterflies and moon
Apologies to all for not starting the Cycle 3 theme at the start of the month; I've been really preoccupied.

If people still seem interested in the community I will try for the middle of the month.
butterflies and moon
First, I've finally gotten around to stamping the people who needed it:

cestlavenus looks like Janet (C9)
sacryde looks like Celia (C12)

Cycle 1:
uberta looks like Tessa

Cycle 2:
all_my_colours looks like Anna
madblessyou looks like Catie

purerandomosity regular app, needs tiebreaker
cycle 2 theme, needs more votes
ozbourne cycle 2 theme, needs more votes

Second, I want to thank everyone for being patient with me this past month, what with it taking a while to get people stamped and all. I've been going through a lot of things including a move back home, two yard sales, job hunting, etc. Because of all of this, I am going to continue the Cycle 2 theme until July 1 instead of changing themes on the 15th as I've been doing, and I'll continue changing the themes at the start of each month.
17th-May-2009 04:20 pm - MOD POST- Future Theme Poll
butterflies and moon
I know we're not running out of themes any time soon; I've already got stamps made for a theme for each cycle, and I'm also planning a Winner Theme (Adrianne, Yoanna, Eva, Naima, etc) for the winners up through whichever cycle has recently finished when I do the theme.

Below you will find some other ideas I've had for themes, in order to keep the community active as long as possible.

-Runner-Up Theme (would consist of the runner-up from each cycle; Shannon, Mercedes, Yaya, Kahlen, Nik, etc. up through the cycle that has just finished when I do the theme)

-Judging Panel/Coaches Theme would include Tyra, Janice, Twiggy, Paulina, Kimora, the Jays, Nigel, Nole, Sutan, etc. (Please note that this theme includes both male and female options, so obviously some people will end up with someone they don't look exactly like.)

-Personal Style Theme: Would include contestants with distinctive personal styles, like Camille (C2), Nicole(C3), Kim(C5), Jael(C8), Celia(C12), etc. This theme would include questions and pictures, and voting would be based on the type of clothes the person wears rather than their appearance. I would put up a poll before this theme asking for opinions on whose personal style you think is interesting or distinctive (whether you like it or not).

-The "Which Cycle Would You Have Fit In" theme is just what it sounds like, which group of contestants do you look like you'd belong with?

-Photoshoot Theme: Would include some of the more interesting/distinctive photoshoots from the show, and would include both questions and pictures. This would be to determine which photoshoot you would've totally rocked.

If you have any other ideas for what you'd like to see, mention it in a comment. Please note that strictly personality-based "which contestant are you like?" themes aren't going to be available here; there's already a very nice personality-based ANTM stamping community for that and you can find a link in the profile page. :)

On to the poll!

Poll #1401401 Future Themes Poll

Which themes would you like to see? Check as many as you like.

Runner-Up Theme
Judging Panel/Coaches Theme
Personal Style Theme
Which cycle would you have fit in?
Photoshoot Theme
Other (Specify in comments!)
15th-May-2009 02:40 pm - MOD POST - Cycle 2 theme starts now!
butterflies and moon
The CYCLE 1 THEME is closed, and the CYCLE 2 THEME is now officially open.

If you missed the Cycle 1 theme, there will be a restamp month coming up where you can apply for any themes you missed.

Rules, application and stamps behind hereCollapse )
butterflies and moon
The Cycle 1 theme is ending today and the Cycle 2 theme is starting. Details on the theme in the next post!


Regular application:

kittywonderland looks like Adrianne
all_my_colours also looks like Adrianne

These lovely ladies need more votes:

4th-May-2009 05:44 pm - MOD POST - Stamping update
butterflies and moon
uberta has been stamped as Leah (C3)
kismet_evenstar has been stamped as Jayla (C5)
madblessyou has been stamped as Sheena (C11)

You can all apply for the Cycle 1 theme now. :)


Please vote on:
cestlavenus regular app
kittywonderland theme app
all_my_colours theme app
29th-Apr-2009 05:31 pm - MOD POST - Stamping update
butterflies and moon
I'm going to start posting who's been stamped and who needs votes. :)

Previous stamped members (regular app):

ozbourne was stamped as Anna (C2)
iheartjareth was stamped as Cassie (C3)
anna_drenxavier was stamped as Lluvy (C4)
opiumchild was stamped as Norelle (C3)
dihydrocodeinon was stamped as Brooke (C6)

Previous stamped members (theme):


Stamped today (regular app):

all_my_colours was stamped as Elina (C11)
kisame_kun was stamped as Mercedes (C2)
kazie_komikat was stamped as Jenah (C9)
kittywonderland was stamped as Shandi (C2)

Stamped today (Cycle 1 theme):

ozbourne was stamped as Elyse
iheartjareth was stamped as Shannon

Please vote on:

Also, everyone who has a regular stamp, you can participate in the Cycle 1 theme. Details are here. :) I will be starting the Cycle 2 theme around the middle of May so you still have plenty of time for the Cycle 1 theme.
24th-Apr-2009 01:54 pm - MOD POST
butterflies and moon
Please remember to vote on all unstamped applications (you can find both theme and regular by clicking "unstamped" on the tags in this post).

And welcome to all new members, I hope you have fun here!

The Cycle 1 theme will last at least through the middle of May so people will have time to get regular stamps and apply for the theme. After this we will be doing Cycle 2.
15th-Apr-2009 07:31 pm - MOD POST - Theme #1 starting!
butterflies and moon
I'm a bit late with posting this today, but the CYCLE 1 THEME has officially begun!

Rules, application, and stamps under here!Collapse )
13th-Apr-2009 02:13 pm - Mod Post
butterflies and moon
Just a heads-up to those who have been stamped, I will be starting the Cycle 1 theme on the 15th of April.

Don't worry if you don't have a stamp yet, the theme will go on for a while and I'll also have a few times where you'll be able to apply for any themes you missed.

Keep voting, everyone! We've got some people who I can't stamp until there's more of a consensus in the votes. And tell your friends. :)
9th-Apr-2009 07:31 pm - MOD POST - Votes needed!
butterflies and moon
I've been able to stamp some people, but everyone tagged "unstamped" still needs some votes.

I'll be starting up the themes soon since we've got some activity going on. The first theme will be Cycle 1, where only contestants from Cycle 1 are available as options.
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